SONARIA™ is a single platform that can track and manage virtually any element in an operation’s value chain. Only SONARIA brings together AIDC, IoT and Blockchain technologies, seamlessly, to deliver true business transformation. 

SONARIA: Know More. Do More.

"Manage your value chain more quickly, effectively, and efficiently than ever."

When You Know More, You Can Do More.

  • Improved profit, safety, quality, and productivity – by harnessing the power of your data.

  • Dynamic workflows, business rules, and alerts made possible by the Sonaria decision engine.

  • User-configurable business rules and alerts enable easy customization to meet your needs.

  • Easier to secure, leverages virtualization, and offers an 8-14x decrease in total cost of ownership.

  • Solution as a service, much more than software – cost is driven by usage, complexity, and your needs.


See whats happening


Understand why its happening


Be prepared for what will happen


React autonomously for self optimization

“Only Sonaria brings together AIDC, IoT and Blockchain technologies, seamlessly, to deliver true business transformation.”

SONARIA™ | Know More. Do More.

How it works

“SONARIA, is a hybrid cloud and on-premise IoT platform providing Industry 4.0 capabilities for end-to-end supply chain traceability, manufacturing executing, work in process tracking, packaging automation, inventory management and asset tracking.”
Integrated Blockchain Solution Graphic
SONARIA combines state-of-the-art IoT data capture with enterprise Blockchain technology to address the issues of traditional Blockchain and provide a secure and trusted platform for supply chain data exchange and smart contracts including:
  • Greater than 100X transaction throughput vs traditional Blockchain standards
  • Governance by consortium for permissioned data access
  • Secure off-chain smart contract execution and data access
  • Portability between ledger technology

SONARIA + Blockchain = Trust

Blockchain provides trust as an inherent feature by creating a secure, distributed, immutable record of every transaction enabling:

  • Secure, permissioned, and transparent tracking of assets across organizational boundaries
  • The ability to meet governance requirements with simplified cross-organizational collaboration and traceability
  • Efficient real-time contract execution, service level enforcement, and order settlement

Blockchain Workflows Using SONARIA

The workflow below describes a reference Blockchain application architecture view with different layers and how SONARIA™ enables each of these layers to provide an end-to-end solution.