Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Choose IIoT

A recent survey from the Aberdeen Group reveals that companies are, indeed, interested in the benefits that can be achieved by implementing IIoT (industrial internet of things). The top five being:

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Improved operational equipment uptime and availability
  3. Increased operational speed
  4. Improved product quality
  5. Improved safety

But, what organization doesn’t want to reap those benefits? These benefits are a given (and goal) across most industries. Yet, here we all are – in a time where it has never been more critical to find ways to do business that will cut operating costs, lengthen operational uptime, boost operation speeds, enhance quality control, and mitigate safety risks. As we’ve briefly touched in a previous post, the ever-evolving changes in society spark each new phase of the industrial revolution. So, while we understand the technology drivers that brought us Industry 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, we must understand the technologies involved in getting to Industry 4.0.

To that point, steam power, electric power, and computer power aren’t nearly as complex as the kind of power that fuels Industry 4.0. For one thing, it’s not concrete or tangible. Also, And, because we know more about how helping our manufacturing clients use technology to do more with their business, we were able to develop the right suite of solutions for IIoT.

We know more, and we’re prepared to help you do more.